adenomatous polyposis coli

gi114.jpg (74980 bytes)

Multiple adenomatous polyps of the cecum are seen here in a case of familial polyposis.

gi113.jpg (73917 bytes)

This adenomatous polyp has a hemorrhagic surface (which is why they may first be detected with stool occult blood screening) and a long narrow stalk. The size of this polyp--above 2 cm--makes the possibility of malignancy more likely, but this polyp proved to be benign.

gi067.jpg (96171 bytes)

This is familial polyposis in which the mucosal surface of the colon is essentially a carpet of small adenomatous polyps. Of course, even though they are small now, there is a 100% risk over time for development of adenocarcinoma, so a total colectomy is done, generally before age 20.

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