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Lynn B. Jorde, PhD; John C. Carey, MD;

Michael J. Bamshad, MD;   and Raymond L. White, PhD


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Take note of this new edition!

   The field has seen a number of significant developments in the past several years.  Now there's a text that will bring your classes up to date with the latest on genetics research, AND its applications in clinical practice.

    Medical Genetics: 2nd Edition gives students the information they need to understand modern genetics.  It starts with a strong overview of basic molecular genetics, then explores chromosomal and single gene disorders.  From cover to cover, it focuses on applications to clinical practice.   You'll find numerous clinical photographs, and Clinical Commentaries that offer a first-hand look at the role of genetics in medicine.

Web Site Contents

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This page has links to four years of past exams used in the Medical Genetics Class.   It allows students to practice their test taking skills along with their knowledge of medical genetics.

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This page has links to photographs of patients with the various genetic disorders discussed in the book.  It also has a link to a page of thumbnails of all of the pictures.

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This page has several links to outside web sources about genetics, genetic disorders, and support groups for those with genetic disorders.

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This page has some movies taken of individuals with various genetic disorders.(It is currently under construstion and does not have any movies)

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This page allows two ways to search this site.  The first is a traditional word search.  The second is a search by the page number in the book


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